Northern Alberta's
Best Kept Secret

Available Dates & Pricing

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$300 deposit

$75 per person, per day

Minimum 4 people

Minimum 2 nights

Or $300 a night for a smaller group

Deposit refund-

Provide photos of:

  • Wood restocked up against cabins (wood will be up at camp in lengths. Just need to cut and stack)

  • Cabins cleaned


$300 deposit

$135 per person, per day

Minimum 5 people

Minimum 3 nights


Contact us for flight quotes through McMurray Aviation.

Deposit refund-

Provide photos of:

  • Cabins cleaned

  • Boats put away

About Us

Pearson Lake Lodge is one of Alberta's best kept secrets in the Fort McMurray region in Northern Alberta. Pearson Lake is unique to the area and caters to those looking to shut off from the outside world and create their own adventure. Traveler's who book the lodge have full access to the boats, generator, both cabins, a sauna, hot water shower, and of course, a lake filled with fish.

Pearson is the only lake in the area that offers anglers both a prolific walleye and Northern pike fishery. Many trophy sized walleye (over 26" and 10+ years of age) and Northern pike (over 10 lbs) are caught every year. Early in the season, it is not uncommon to catch (and release) over 100 fish on a trip.  

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The lodge is readily accessible by ATV or float plane. It is the most economical lodge in the area since it is primarily a drop-off camp. 

Gone Fishin'

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Forget the Bass, Pearson is all about that Walleye


The fishing at Pearson gets better each year due to the health of the lake, and of the responsibility of those fishing. Please respect the fish so future generations can have the full Pearson Lake experience.

Pearson Lake boasts 3 km x 1.5 km of clean, blue water surrounded by sandy beaches perfect for an afternoon fish fry. However, it's what lies beneath the water that keeps people coming back year after year. Walleye and pike are abundant and offer anglers of all levels a fun challenge. Some of the big pikes can keep you busy for 15 minutes or more, so make sure you have a strong line. While the walleye may not put up as much of a fight, you will never get bored reeling in fish after fish. 

Guests can troll, bob, or fly fish and will find fish in all areas of the lake. The calm water between the island, sandy shoals near shore, and 30 foot drops in the open water are all home to the fish of Pearson Lake. 

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Walleye Size/Age

  • 11 Inches - 2 years old

  • 16 Inches - 4 years old

  • 20 Inches - 6 years old

  • 23 Inches - 8 years old

Wallye Facts

  • Largest member of the perch family.

  • Occurs in rivers, lakes and reservoirs throughout Alberta.

  • Most walleye populations in Alberta have declined because of over harvesting.

  • Walleye have slow growth rates in Alberta waters.

  • Some femails spawn as young as six, but some do not spawn until age eight or nine.

  • An average female walleye produces 60,000 eggs. Only a small number of these will survive to maturity.

  • These factors make it crucial that anglers practice catch and release.

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The Camp

While the lake is the main draw, the camp is a great perk. The main cabin comes with a fully equipped kitchen, six single bunks and a patio area in the event the rain is coming down, the sun is a bit too bright, or you need better lighting for your all night poker game. A wood fireplace keeps campers warm when the temperature dips. The love shack has two double bunks, also with a wood burning stove. 

There is a shower with hot and cold running water, as well as his and hers latrines. At the center of camp is a large fire place surrounded by picnic tables, chairs, and the worlds comfiest hammock. Down by the lake you will find the boats and a sauna. 

A generator is located behind the main cabin and powers the entire camp. Fuel is provided for the boats and generator.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum crew size?

What is the minimum stay?

How Much?

Quad In - $135 per night/ per person (discounts available for large groups)

Flights - Please contact us with your group size and we will get you up and on your way.

What is included?

What do I bring?

Fishing gear, food, refreshments, sleeping bags, pillows, double bed sheet, fuel for your ATV, and clothing.

Can I bring my dog?

Fido is more than welcome at the lake! Please be sure to clean up after him though.

Can I sled into camp in the winter?

This can be arranged. The camp won't have all of the summer amenities (the water system doesn't take too kindly to Alberta's winters) but the wood stoves are a nice treat on a cold trip. Contact us for pricing.

What happens if I don't follow the rules?

Is there a guide?

The camp is self-guided, meaning you get the whole place to yourself. If you are wanting someone with some experience to show you the way, contact us to discuss a camp guide.

Is it that big of a deal to take a little extra fish? Or an undersized fish?

We cannot stress this enough: not following Alberta's fishing regulations is poaching. Don't poach. It's harmful to the lake. It is also very, very expensive. Don't let your biggest catch be an astronomical fine.

A rule breaker, eh? Pearson Lake has a great history of respectful guests leaving the camp as they found it. This means cleaning the cabins, cleaning the boats, ensuring no fish guts remain at the camp, putting out the fire, taking out garbage and empties, and for the love of fish, removing all food from the fridge. When you leave, the generator is off and the fridge does not run. That friendly gift of some leftover walleye you left in the fridge? It is the next camper's nightmare (or a bears enticing treasure.) If you fail to adhere to Pearson's pretty basic rules, you will be put on the no-go list. Once you've been to Pearson, you will want to go back. Don't get on the no-go list, it's a terrible place to be. (Property damage may also result in financial penalties.)

The minimum crew size is six campers. Depending on your dates, this may be flexible.

We typically book a minimum of a three-night stay. However, if you are able to travel during the week, or if there is nobody booked close to the dates you want, contact us to see about a shorter stay.

  • Two sleep lodges. (Sleeps maximum of ten fisher-people, however the love shack is equipped with twin bunk beds so double occupancy is practiced

  •  Five boats equipped with 8-horse power motors

  •  Life jackets and all other boating safety equipment

  • Fully equipped kitchen with propane cook stove, two bbq's, an outdoor grill, cleaning products, an electric fridge, freezer, and a cocktail cube maker

  • A hot water shower

  • His and her latrines

  • Generator

  • Back up fishing gear for those who forget why they are here

  • Fuel for boats


Float plane - Permits are required to land in the park. McMurray Aviation is our chartered airline. If utilizing your own plane we will apply for your permit.

ATV & Snowmobiles - Please visit- Alberta.ca and review Motorized recreation on public land.

-please remain on the designated trials there is little top soil covering the land and if you have had the opportunity to travel this area you will appreciate the damage that can be caused by off trail driving.

-The temptation of stopping along side the trail for a cold pop is alluring to the best of us, however arriving safe and sound at the lodge with a full crew without injury or equipment damage if far more alluring. Please refrain from consuming alcohol or smoking marijuana until the camp is reached.

Image by Louis Paulin

Mother Nature and Emergency Preparedness


Protecting the Fish

Catch and release

Land your catch quickly

Do not play with the fish. Doing so can tire them and reduce chances or survival. 

Fish cannot breath out of water. The longer they are out of water, the lower the chance of survival.

Remove the hook carefully to avoid damage to mouth and throat.

Deeply embedded hooks should be left in when the fish is released.

Do not squeeze the fish. Doing so can cause internal damage.


Fire Season

There is a designated fire pit and we supply the firewood. Please ensure your fire is completed distinguished when the camp in unattended.


Fire Ban


With the changing climate and increased wildfires the government will issue fire bans when required. Please contact Alberta Wildfire for more information, they provide a number of mediums for communications including a facebook connection.



Appreciating this land belongs to the wildlife, you may have some uninvited guests. Along with squirrels or the odd marten or weasel, our most prominent visitor is the black bear. We have air horns in the camps in the event you have a visitor. If you are diligent and remove fish remains immediately after they're cleaned to the designated dump site, ensure all your garbage is burned each day, and do not leave food out when fishing or over night, you may not encourage a visit. However, the Pearson peninsula is blessed with blue berries so during this season you may have a fairly aggressive blueberry competitor.

Please visit the Alberta Bear Smart Program. https://www.alberta.ca/alberta-bearsmart-program-overview.aspx

First Aid and Emergency Egress 


A very good time can become a very traumatic time if one of us or our crew sustains a serious injury in a remote location. We have installed a cell phone booster in the main camp in the event help is required. First aid kits are installed in both camps for minor cuts and bruises. For emergency egress, there is a helicopter landing area just north of the camp.

Please visit Ambulance and Emergency Help services.

Fishing, Hunting, and Boating

Please review the Alberta Guide to Sportfishing Regulations and the Alberta Guide to Alberta Hunting Regulations. albertaregulations.ca


Local conservation officers are familiar with Pearson Lake and are good enough to visit on occasion insuring we are doing our part in keeping our natural resources intact.

Boating Safety

Pearson Lake is a relatively small lake and only reaches depths of 30 feet. It has many sandy beaches provide the user with a resort-like experience. However, like all lakes it is a body of water and  must be respected. A strong West wind, even on a sunny day, can create waves that can be a hazard to even experienced boaters. I would suggest the senior or most experience guest reach out to his crew to ensure all aware of the hazards of boating.

  • The boats are equipped with the required safety equipment, however its the boaters responsibility to ensure it is in the boat before it leaves the dock. The outboard motors are all four stroke eliminating the need  mixed fuel.

  • There are signs posted regarding mixing alcohol/drugs and boating; this is a combination that seldom pays dividends. Please observe these rules.

  • Please visit -Transport Canada -Safe boating guide